“Were I Human”

“Were I Human” Ariel: Your charm so strongly works ’em. That if you now beheld them, your affections would become tender.   PROSPERO Dost thou think so, spirit?  ARIEL Mine would, sir, were I human[1]. Nita Schechet, a feminist literary scholar and peace and human rights activist passed away last November. I was deeply saddened by… Continue reading “Were I Human”

Passover: a Journey Through Tradition and Change

Passover always brings with it memories of smells and tastes and sights and sounds. The smell of cooking and cleaning. The taste of the gefilte fish that Grandmother Luba, may she rest in peace, used to make, that we will never taste again. The sight of the shiny patent-leather shoes that I wasn’t allowed to… Continue reading Passover: a Journey Through Tradition and Change