Holiday Storytelling: The Anti-Hero Who Restores Hope

Please meet Assipattle, the hero of a Scottish folk tale, who with courage and wisdom overcomes a terrible sea monster that threatens to consume the small kingdom in which his village resides. I met him during a winding journey through the endless world of myths and folktales. I went looking for flood stories (more on… Continue reading Holiday Storytelling: The Anti-Hero Who Restores Hope

16 Days of Activism

ערבית ואנגלית בהמשך: היום, 25 בנובמבר, היום הבינלאומי למאבק באלימות נגד נשים הוא הראשון ב-16 ימים של אקטיביזם למיגור האלימות נגד נשים על שלל צורותיה. הקמפיין הבינלאומי של האו“ם נמשך החל מהיום ועד ל-10 בדצמבר, יום זכויות האדם הבינלאומי, כי הרי ידוע הוא “שזכויות נשים הן זכויות אדם, וזכויות אדם הן זכויות נשים” (הילרי קלינטון).… Continue reading 16 Days of Activism

COVID-19 Storytelling: Labors of Love

The labors of protest, of resistance and of healing the world never end. even when we grow weary of it, or decide to break free for a while. They always come back to grab our attention and teach us a lesson in humility. They remind us, without reproach, that our actions in this world rarely yield one-of-a-kind creation, but rather, and series of repetitive actions, with no fame nor glamor, but that are nevertheless critical to our existence.

COVID-10 Storytelling: Lockdown Guests

Fourth lockdown. Or maybe third. I lost count. But I went grocery shopping and bought essentials such as chocolate chips and wine. Since the pandemic erupted in March last year, I found that storytelling and baking help sustain me and fill me with hope. This week, I made hot chocolate cookies, coconut orange cake and… Continue reading COVID-10 Storytelling: Lockdown Guests

We All Need UNSCR 1325; Here’s Why

Why Do I Need – Indeed, We All Need – UNSC Resolution 1325? For Hebrew Version of this post: If the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 were a face cream or the next iPhone to roll out of Apple, a well-oiled publicity apparatus would already had let us know – hammering us with… Continue reading We All Need UNSCR 1325; Here’s Why

COVID-19 Storytelling: On Bread, Love and Aging

There is something basic, comforting and filling about bread. I love baking, despite the gap that exists between my passion for it, and my delicate motorial skills. Somehow, my baked goods don’t always look like the perfectly shaped ones in the recipe. But our lives these days are captured in this gap between what we… Continue reading COVID-19 Storytelling: On Bread, Love and Aging